HR Consulting

Involves expert business consultancy to improve workplace operations, communications, and productivity. Designed to provide professional advice concerning business audits, policies, and strategical planning.

Direct Staffing

Aids businesses in the hiring process to form flexible, productive, and dependable teams that offer unique skillets and contribute their efforts to achieve company objectives. 

Handbook Creation

Develops a reference resource for workplace guidelines, regulations, and policies tailored to each business’s standards. Intended to unify staff and initiate a collective mindset for company goals.

Employee Training

Experiential instruction that demonstrates how present employees can improve their performance, progress in their positions, and advance company revenue through career development.


Increases productivity by ensuring a balanced workload among team members, improving employee collaboration, and reducing turnover rates.

Organizational Development

Prompts extensive transformation of business practices, principles, and approaches for companies to increase their effectiveness and earn long-term success.

Template Creation

The design and development of business templates such as company profiles, business proposals, marketing letters, and business plans.

Project Management

The implementation of streamlined processes, software upgrades, and innovative networking to confirm optimal efficiency and production.

Leadership Training

Offers a series of initiative opportunities like lunch-n-learn events and leadership development programs for prospective business executives. Practical skills and guidance are offered for those entering authoritative positions.

Business Coaching

Provides clarification and rewarding direction for a business owner’s vision, aspirations, and objectives to be accomplished.

Motivational Speaking

Available for networking events, business engagements, and career fairs to speak on various business topics related to HR, business consulting, and program management. The intent is to motivate and inspire prospective and present business professionals.