Guided Growth Consulting

Guided Growth Consulting is a consultancy firm with a focus on human resources administration, business advisory, and project management with ceaseless innovation. The firm is both WOSB (Federal Government) and MBE/EDGE (State Government, DBE, and SME) certified.

GGC caters to small and mid-sized businesses, specifically entrepreneurs, sole proprietors, and expanding companies. GGC strategically partners with its clients to fulfill a multitude of managerial needs so their businesses can grow, flourish, and succeed.

Sheena Fain is the founder and CEO of Guided Growth Consulting.

Fain has an MBA from Cornell University in Women's Entrepreneurship and is lean/six sigma certified. She possesses over a decade of experience in the consulting sector, specializing in human resources, project management, and business administration.

Fain is also a compelling public speaker, often hosting speaking engagements geared toward business professionals to advise them on HR advice, management direction, and industry knowledge. She intends for GGC to be an effective asset for business clients who need practical, productive solutions for their workplace complications and expectations.

With its expert staff of business consultants and advisors, Guided Growth Consulting operates for its clients’ best interest. The firm’s services are offered across the United States. GGC’s purpose is to assist its clients with a dynamic methodology that advancesthem within their respective markets. Each clients’ needs are thoroughly addressed and rectified to confirm optimal progress in both their business processes and profits.

The mission of Guided Growth Consulting is to be a valuable resource for businesses nationwide that need managerial assistance, financial counsel, and organizational direction to help them earn significance among the competition. The firm also strives to encourage workplace production, motivation, collaboration, andpositive outcomes.

Elevate Your Business With A Guided Growth Consulting Partnership

GGC is designed to assist clients active in all levels of business – whether you are a new entrepreneur, family-owned business, or a successful company, we can assist you with HR and business consulting essentials. Our services cater to internal and external clientele with excellence. We are committed to accomplishing our clients’ goals through cost-efficient options, consistent communication, and punctual project completion.

We treat our clients with dignity and respect.

Guided Growth Consulting values clients’ efforts, time, and investments. Our network of professional business consultants and advocates offers constructive feedback for our clients to make improvements in their line of work. GGC maintains a client-focus in every case and is dedicated to serving with a distinct approach to clients’ ambitions.